Travel Diaries #2


23rd February
Day 1

Its a cold Friday morning and I am going to my host mom’s veterinary clinic to see around and later go to Cartagena by bus. I live in Valencia so the trip to there is like 4 hours and spending that much time in a bus alone is no easy thing, so I start writing my blogs and listening to music. Cartagena is like one of the oldest cities in the world which was ruled by the Romans and also has like the biggest port in Spain. So I am staying with my friend in Cartagena and the first thing we do is go and eat churros and look at the roman amphitheatre.

24th February
Day 2

The weather was forecasted to be cold and chilly but somehow it was all warm and sunny around mid day. We woke up late around 11, freshened up and headed to the city where we walked around there and i bought some souvenirs: a lighter and a shot glass (only for collection purposes). We then headed to the port and had lunch around there in a nice small restaurant. After lunch we met up with another friend and walked all the beach which is a bit far and chilled there. I also found a couple of my favourite things in a store which is not usual in Spain: Mountain Dew and kit kat ice cream.

25th February
Day 3

And the last day is here. I had a train back home at around 4, so we planned that we would do nothing but go for a morning walk. The weather was playing with us, everyday we would expect that it will be cold but that day too was hot af. Though the morning walk was good walking bout 8 kms in an hour, we also a roman stone mining site from where the Romans mined stones. And finally after having lunch with his family left for home via train.

Thanks Joe Page for the great weekend.




Day 1
2nd March

The day for which I was waiting for a long time is finally here. I was finally going to the Rotary weekend in Alicante where all the exchange students in Spain will be present. I was going to Alicante in train with my friend. The travel by the trains are really good and comfy, it felt like traveling in a plane. We reached Alicante in about an hour and half and waiting for me there on the station was my bro, Seth. The second problem that was we had a lot of time but nothing to do, so we did what anyone can always do. We went to have coffee, did window shopping, went to a TGB(to those who don’t know what this is, its a really cool burger place with hella lot of good burgers and varieties. I would suggest ya’ll to go there) and finally stopped at a outdoor cafe to chill.

We then went to the meeting place where all the exchange students gathered to meet up and then went to our hostels.

Day 2

We went to a island near Alicante called Tabarca in a big boat. Its a really small but very beautiful island which was the home to the fishing community which is now decreased so as to preserve nature. People also have a few vacation houses there and is normally full of people in the summer. There was also a tiny museum there with the stuff found there. We then returned to the hostel for a big Saturday dinner and party organised by rotary and it was damn, I also got a good number of pins for my blazer and were dancing there till 3. We also had a Indian song played for me and a fellow Indian to dance by an exchange student who had been in india because we had worn our traditional dress.

Day 3

Well it was the last day and because I had my train a bit late in the day so I had pass a lot of time but the Rotex had come to wait with us until we left so that was fun too. All in all that was an excellent weekend that I got to spend with my friends from all over the world. I just love my exchange.

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