Spain Return

Hey guys welcome back to my blogs.
Its been only three weeks since I am back in my home country, India and yet everything feels as if nothings changed in the time I was gone on my Spanish adventure and I am fitting right in. But at the same time I wish I was back in Spain, wandering and discovering new streets, restaurants and cities on my own without any worries, doing whatever I wanted, fulfilling my dreams and my bucket list. Life there was perfect, great friends, weekend parties, a lovely family, a lot of pets to pass the time with and of course a lot of great memories. But to compare between Mumbai and Valencia would be unfair for both the places are great in their own aspects.
Since I came i have spent a lot of time meeting with friends, doing what we couldn’t do when I was away for the year. I have been to movies, trekking, playing pool and doing crazy shit together. One thing I missed a lot was going to the city as we also call it South Mumbai, it is the original Mumbai because it was where the British first came and started living in then ‘Bombay’ for mostly trading purposes  and because this part was very important for trade, the Brits settled here. Because of which there are now a lot of old British era building which when you visit them takes you beyond time. There also are a lot of monuments but the list will go on and on and not to forget the majestic ‘Queens necklace’ in Mumbai(don’t forget to google this up).
Life in Valencia was simple: Going to school at 8, then coming back home at 3, then to play Basketball and back home but living in Mumbai is an adventure in itself with traveling in overcrowded trains, congested roads and having a hectic life, Mumbai is a city that does not sleep. Yet we have this wonderful ability to unite together and face the challenges with a smile on our faces whenever tragedy strikes no matter what. The people are super sweet, always ready to help and have a unique ability to just start a conversation with a stranger on a train, bus or even with a taxi driver and I think this is only possible because we all have one thing in common: we all live in a very busy but peaceful city called Mumbai. I think this is what makes Mumbai one of the best cities to live in.
I have always considered myself lucky to have found so many great friends and after the exchange I truly  realised that I have great friends because even though I was away they never left my back. I have even heard from a few of my exchange friends that they lost some of their  ‘friends’ after coming from exchange because their friends think that they’ve changed and stuff like that. I have also heard that some have lost friends because they did not bring gifts for their friends. But now after hearing all this I thank god that I have found true and loyal friends. This are the friends we all deserve ‘TRUE AND LOYAL’.
Well, these are some of the things which I have observed and felt after coming back from the exchange. Hope you all are doing well!!
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