School Life


School, a place most of us loved as well as hated. Loved because we enjoyed our time at school with our friends playing and doing crazy shit almost the entire time. And hated because of the strict rules, teachers and especially principal who never let us have any fun or at least tried to stop us.

We all came to school for the first time with a tear in our eyes and left with a tear in the eye and the promise of always staying in contact with each other. But sadly, it doesn’t always happen as everyone goes on their own new path, a new journey, a new chapter in life as some get separated while some remain best friends even after school. 

In the 9th grade, I had one of the best class I ever had in my 10 years at school. So of course I have lots of fun incidents to speak about for example, that year we had a very boring, lenient and dull history and geography teacher so for us it was more like a free lecture and we did the most crazy shit one could do in a class. Like we sometimes suddenly started singing some song while the teacher was teaching and though the teacher used to be very upset we did not care and continued to do our thing.

I clearly remember that in the 10th grade me, my friends and a big group of about 50 people started singing and dancing to a famous song near the supervisor’s desk who wasn’t at the desk but unfortunately for us a really strict teacher saw us dancing and even though we all ran away on seeing her she somehow saw some of us including me and called us. When we were asked about who started dancing, no one told her a thing because it was our friend and even though she threatened us that if we didn’t tell her, she would look in the CCTV camera and if we were caught lying we would face dire consequences but we still kept quiet because we knew that the CCTV did not work and she had no chance of knowing who started it.

Another incident I vividly remember is when me, my bestie and some others were made to stand up as punishment for talking in the history class but that did not stop us from having fun and whenever the teacher used to turn towards the black board we used to shout a couple of lines of a very famous Bollywood song and my best friend did its dance steps.

We even used to exchange novels and used to ‘smuggle’ them to school without anyone knowing because we weren’t allowed to bring novels to class and we even read them in school in hiding so that no one could know.

With so many memories made that if I ever was to narrate them all, it would take me quite some time to complete it and thats the best thing about school. You may leave school, leave your friends, leave the country and start a new chapter in your life but one thing you can never leave behind are memories and these are the memories which you will keep with yourselves for the rest of the life and always smile whenever you think about them .


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