The identity of India

India, a country with the oldest civilisation, the Indus Valley Civilisation and the many other civilisations that followed which are the birthplace of the Indian culture, language, religion has faced for long a problem of knowing and understanding its true identity and the political scenario through all these years is to be blamed. In school we were all taught about how ‘great’ Akbar was, about how patriotic the Mughals were, about how good their culture was and how greatly they administered and made India better. But we were never told how Mahmud of Ghazni came to India killed its people, looted us and actually destroyed us. We have always taken everything for granted and honestly we never cared about our history and this actually helped in glorification of these terrorists who weren’t born here and neither did they die here. They were invaders who destroyed us but yet we glorify them. For example, Khilji, the person who destroyed the great Nalanda University, the oldest known university to ever exist which was destroyed thrice has a railway station as well as a district after his name (Bakhtiyarpur). We even had a road in New Delhi (capital of India) after Aurangzeb, who was ruthless murderer, a person for whom hindus were second class citizens, a person who not only destroyed innumerable temples, charged taxes on hindus for visiting temples but also killed his own father and family for the throne. We also have an entire city named Aurangabad because it is where Aurangzeb was buried. We live in a country where people are so oblivious to the truth and to the history that we actually celebrate ‘Tipu Jayanti’, the celebration of the birth of Tipu Sultan who is nothing but an invader and a killer. We even glorify Taimur (aka Timur) a person who killed so many people and hindus specifically that the world population at that time fell by about 3%. It is said that he was so cruel that he used to make a pyramid of skulls of hindus he killed at every milestone. We celebrated the Babri masjid which was built by a invader who destroyed temples and built mosques over them and the issue of rebuilding the destroyed temples by breaking the Babri Masjid brought nation wide outrage, protest and even caused riots and literally broke the nation into half.

Fun Fact: India’s first mosque was built in Kerala, India.

If you thought this was it, you’re wrong. The misidentification of India continued long into our freedom battle as well where we were quite successfully by the British and their lovers divided inspite of our common culture. Indian culture was actually destroyed by the British as they destroyed the Sanskrit universities and made us learn English education which was obviously manipulative. It surprises me that even though it was Indians who were ruled by the British we never united completely to fight them. For example Indians became a part  of the British Indian Army which did nothing but kill its own people and fight for their rulers instead of uniting with the other countrymen and fighting the British. Even in the saddening and the highly unfortunate and cruel Jallianwala Bagh attack by the British General Dyer, all the soldiers who killed those thousands of people were Indians. This sometimes makes me think how we Indians do not have any self respect. The only thing we care about is how costly potatoes and tomatoes are. We never cared about our history, our culture and our story. Some of the Indians were so power hungry that they not only supported and acted like a slave of the British but also somewhere and somehow acted in the downgrading and even probable murder of various Indian freedom fighters. As patriots we never gave Subash Chandra Bose, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Bhagat Singh, Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sukhdev, Rajguru and various other freedom fighters who lost their life for us their due. While we were always taught about how great Jawaharlal Nehru was, we were never taught about actually great Subash Chandra Bose was. That man singlehandedly created the Azad Hind Fauj who gave the toughest competition to the British which no other person could. As a matter of fact he was elected the president of Indian Congress twice but he had to resign after winning his second term as Gandhi was opposed to him. Due to this a sect was created within the Congress which was called All India Forward Bloc. This great freedom fighter died later under mysterious circumstances, even though government and official documents said that he died in a plane crash.

Fun fact: Jawaharlal Nehru was never elected as the first Prime Minister of India. It was actually Sardar Patel who was elected by the Congress National Committee to become the PM of India but due to the stubbornness of Nehru and with Gandhi on his side Sardar Patel had to leave his decision to become the PM and gave the post to Jawaharlal Nehru. It is also said that during Nehru’s rule he had refused to have an army but he was forced to have one because of the continuous attacks by Pakistan and the attack by China.

As we approached our independence the British and their supporters worked so hard that we finally had to undergo the partition of India and the reason for partition was to make an Islamic state divided on religious basis. Due to this Pakistan became an Islamic country and India impliedly became a Hindu Rashtra with the majority of Hindus. As we talk about a Hindu Rashtra, we must really understand what it really means. It means a country with people of all cultures, religions and with their own way of life living together peacefully. It is said that the core of India is Hindutva. It is a known fact that the constitution of India was altered wrongfully to include the words, ‘Secular and Socialist’. These words were not in the original copy of the constitution as India was not made as a socialist country and we did not affirm to the western conception of secularism even though our culture teaches us to co exist with everyone peacefully. According to BR Ambedkar socialism is the death of democracy and yet we became a socialist country. Why?

I think the only possible answer can be for selfish reasons, for money and for vote bank politics which is done on a great extent by the leftist and the communist parties in India. During the emergency period by Indira Gandhi when all nationalists, politicians and journalists or in short anyone with views opposite to hers was jailed. The reason for such an emergency? Political gain and the never ending hunger for power. It is also written in a book called ‘The Mitrokhin Archive’ that it appeared that during her time India was for sale and was a Disneyland for spies some of them who were in the government and were on the payroll of the KGB. This was only possible after former Indian PM Lal Bahadur Shastri died under mysterious circumstances and the reason was never found as postmortem never took place inspite of his body showing signs of being poisoned but we don’t know all this because we were never taught this and because we never cared to know this and to get educated about our history and our real identity.

Coming to modern politics, abusing Indian culture has become a trend. The Indian leftists and communists have nowadays opposed everything related to Indian culture or the ruling government. For a country which is the birthplace of the Ramayan and the Mahabharat, we have been fairly oblivious to it. Recently there was a web lectures in JNU about Ramayan which was surprising caused a huge uproar among the pseudo liberals and the left who called this rise of communalism in India. As a matter of fact Indian culture is valued more outside India than it is valued within India due to these vultures who played the western secularism card to make sure that they can divide the people on basis of religion and rule over them.

Fun fact: Indonesia which is an islamic country has their national airline named after Garuda, a character from Ramayan. In Jakarta, there is a huge statue of Lord Krishna and Arjun from the Mahabharat in the the heart of the city and various of their names come from Sanskrit. They also have a currency note with the photo of Ganesha, the Indian elephant god and when once asked by an Indian ex-minister to an Indonesian minister on why they have such statues and references to Indian culture even though they are an Islamic country. The Indonesian minister answered that even though he is a muslim, all those things were a part of his culture and in India if we even think of doing anything related to Ramayan and Mahabharat, there will be a massive uproar by the seculars because for them it is communalising. It’s unfortunate that they have yet not understood that Ramayan, Mahabharat, stories of Lord Krishna, Ganesha are not religious books. They are the Indian culture! Take them out and there will be no culture left in India.

Finally coming to the long standing issue of Hindutva and a Hindu Rashtra. India became a hindu rashtra the moment the great country was partitioned on basis of religion. But the meaning of hindutva was changed by these very same communists for political advantage. In reality hindutva means everyone living together peacefully irrespective the fact whether he is a believer or a non-believer and for many years these people have defamed hindu organisations and believers of hindutva by calling them terrorists and a threat to the world peace. But in fact these people are the actual terrorists who cause unrest over non existing issues. While Indian civilisation is the last surviving civilisation after the others were destroyed, be it the Roman, be it the Egyptian civilisation which was destroyed by Muslim Arab invaders, the Chinese civilisation and many others people are hell bent to defame it. According to a study out of around 49 civilisations, 48 civilisations have ended and the Hindu civilisation is the only one remaining which gives us more reason to be proud to be part of such a civilisation.    

At the end I would just say that rather than dividing the country on the basis of religion, unite the people on the basis of the rich Indian culture which is common to us all irrespective of our colour, caste or religion and not to forget our true identity which is that we are INDIANS first and are part of the great INDIAN CIVILISATION which treats everyone equally and fairly unlike how the communists portray it.

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  1. A real hardcore Nationalist
    A detailed research of Indian History
    Fluent and heart reaching language
    Use of apt and most perfect words
    Very clear and lucid. Presentation
    Even at the end of the post the reader looks for further reading because he is convinced that writer has much more to offer

  2. I was pleasantly surprised to read your blog about Identity of India. The views expressed are honest, sincere, and appear to come from heart. They are non apological, quite frank to the point of being bold but have a ring of truth. That is why they touch reader’s heart and appeal to him. They also reveal the writer’s in depth study and maturity of thoughts. I liked the blog very much : it’s contents, style of writing and the sentiments behind the writing. Congratulations! Please keep on writing. I am looking forward to your next blog.

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