Life Update #1

Hey Everybody

Its been more than a year since I last wrote anything on this website and honestly even though I think of writing something, what will I write about? Most of the days have been ridiculously similar to each other because of the pandemic. I do have some ideas about what I can do. I tried to live stream but thanks to sucky net and bad set-up it didn’t turn out to be as well as I hoped to. I even started making podcasts but after some time I just wasn’t feeling it but hopefully I’ll start making more pretty soon. I do have one idea about starting a solo talk show but I’m still working on how I would approach it. On one hand I want to make it interesting and fun but still stay original in what I do. Let’s see what happens. Other than that I just moved into a new house a couple of weeks ago and honestly it hasn’t been the best start. For starters, the very next day after shifting I slipped in the lobby and hurt myself to the point that I practically lost the entire grip in my left hand for a couple of days. I even hurt my wrist on my right hand but that got well in a day. Just when it was getting well I slipped again. This time in my house *facepalms* but this time it was serious. Apparently there is some tissue injury after I twisted my knee so I have to get a lot of rest and I even need to wear a knee brace for about 10-12 days but enough about it. There have been some really positive things in this year. I got into the best law college in my state(we have a lot of law colleges and I mean it) so that was worth it, I got into Rotex International Board as secretary and treasurer and honestly its a big deal for me and my club because we were never involved in something so big. Oh and I almost forgot! I GOT A NEW DOG!!! Finally after lot of pleading and convincing we got a Labrador retriever and we named her ‘Happy’ and quite rightly. She will turn 1 year old on 29th of September and I really don’t know how to celebrate it. I mean she won’t even realise it but it’ll be a big deal for me so we’ll see how that works. Also I’m now fully vaccinated so I’m really hoping of going somewhere and writing a travel blog this year. If I’ve to talk about right now I have my college going on, I have a routine now(somewhat) and overall things are good. I haven’t been out of my house for almost a couple of weeks because of my leg. I just can’t wait to go out and try so many food places around my new home. Every one here is obsessed with food and well… so am I. Maybe I’ll even do food reviews 😉 that’s it for now and I hope and promise to stay more active over here and try to really post every week. That’s my goal for now. Ciao.

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